September 17, 2009

This country was founded on the freedom of speech.  Like being able to scream “fire” in a crowded building just to see how many babies get trampled.  It’s what makes America great. 

And, with my freedom of speech, I plan to use it to entertain (after I’ve killed a few babies, of course).  Then I got to thinking, this secondary site (if you got here without visiting, do yourself a favor and give it a read) would be a great place to get some feedback.  Maybe to help better direct my stories to make them more enjoyable to you, the people I’m terrorizing/educating – it can be such a fine line.  Or maybe to teach me some things about hockey – like when they start playing or the fact that Gary Bettman is American.  We already know Canadians are lazy and unmotivated.  I think it’s their weed – it’s like the ice wine of the weed community – super concentrated and small amounts are really expensive.  But I’ve wandered away from my point – please, tell me what’s on your mind.